Know of a place with historic value? Tell us about it!

The City of Downey currently does not allow local historic landmarks...but the Downey Conservancy is always on the lookout for important places to protect, and buildings that are eligible to be California State Landmarks and Nationally-Registered Landmarks.

If you have a place you'd like to bring to our attention, please fill out the form below:

Properties you suggest can be houses, apartment buildings, private or public buildings, civic buildings, neighborhoods, parks, or other designed places within Downey city limits.

Usually places receive historic designation because they are:

  • Are a great example of a type of architectural design (e.g. Craftsman, Victorian, Mid-Century Modern/Eichler, etc.)
  • Are the work of a master architect (e.g. Greene & Greene, Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra)
  • Affiliated with a historic event or person important to city, state, or national history (e.g. the Rives Mansion)
  • Have played an important role in the development of a neighborhood appreciated for its cultural background (e.g. Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights)
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