We are a local organization focused on preserving the cultural resources of Downey, California.




Our efforts include being advocates for historic preservation practices and policies, community outreach, and education based around Downey's cultural resources.



Though some of Downey's history dates back to the 1800s, the City is renown for its design around the automobile after World War II.



Downey is a city with a vibrant and eclectic cultural history. Spaces throughout the city tell the stories of our favorite town. We are working to keep them safe, and build appreciation.


About Us

The Downey Conservancy is the community-based organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the preservation of the culturally and historically significant resources of the City of Downey. Founded in 2010, the Conservancy is a no-fee membership 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The Downey Conservancy is working to:

  • Conduct a historic resource survey of the City of Downey
  • Maintain public awareness of landmarks by celebrating their designation
  • Conduct tours of historic and other cultural sites in Downey
  • Hold public forums and events on related topics
  • Sponsor scholarships, contests, and events which would focus on Downey's history

   The Downey Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This status ensures that every dollar you donate to our organization is not only tax deductible, but goes right back in to the community of Downey. We appreciate your contributions!


Mailing Address

PO Box 626
Downey, California

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Our members are what make us great. 

The Downey Conservancy invites you to join our community-based all volunteer organization dedicated to preserving the architecturally and historically/culturally significant properties in our City. There is no cost in joining. Your application for membership is an expression of your interest in preserving Downey’s heritage through advocacy, and supports the Conservancy’s programs and projects. Your membership ensures your receipt of the Conservancy’s newsletter and timely notice of programs and projects, providing opportunities to participate.

The members of the Downey Conservancy are dedicated individuals who have an investment in seeing their community prosper. We are honored to lend a helping hand in making this vision a reality. The Downey Conservancy does not have a membership fee, but suggests a donation of any amount when joining. 

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Historic Resource Survey

The Downey Conservancy is working to conserve culturally significant resources in the City of Downey by having the City conduct a historic resource survey.

This survey would identify any buildings, structures, or entire neighborhoods that have historical value. The surveyors would evaluate any historic resources using standards put in place by the California Office of Historic Preservation and National Parks Service. This effort will result in a directory of any historic resources in Downey, and a creation of a map of Downey landmarks to be updated as new designations are made.  For more info please see link

Quill Dr Residence Downey.JPG
Downey - Abandoned.JPG

The Molly Pitcher Estates Nomination

The Molly Pitcher Estates is an in-progress landmark nomination by the Downey Conservancy. We committed to listing Downey's Molly Pitcher Estates on the California Register of Historic Places. The Downey Conservancy received a matching grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 2011 to put towards this nomination. The nomination is still in progress and is being aided by local professionals in the field of heritage conservation.

Molly Pitcher is a unique sub-variety of Ranch style architecture. Ranch homes are common in Downey, and were extremely popular after World War II. The emphasis on the automobile and predominance of front-facing garages came into fashion and has since dominated the design of residential architecture. 

Downey's Molly Pitcher Estates were created in the hayday of automotive history and have continued to be a neighborhood calling back to this point in Downey's culture. The Conservancy is working to ensure they are recognized for their architectural contribution, as well as protected for generations of Downey residents to come.


The Downey Conservancy will encourage public awareness of historic resources and emphasize their importance in the community by celebrating new resources designated at historic landmarks at the local, state, or federal level. This will involve public announcements of new designations and the acknowledgment of the teams behind achieving these great successes.

The Conservancy will also celebrate significant anniversaries of Downey businesses and important local sites which developed strong local reputations and affiliations, and in some cases hold historic landmark status.

Know of a place with historic value? Tell us about it!

The City of Downey currently does not allow local historic landmarks...but the Downey Conservancy is always on the lookout for important places to protect, and buildings that are eligible to be California State Landmarks and Nationally-Registered Landmarks.

If you have a place you'd like to bring to our attention, please fill out the form below:

Properties you suggest can be houses, apartment buildings, private or public buildings, civic buildings, neighborhoods, parks, or other designed places within Downey city limits.

Usually places receive historic designation because they are:

  • Are a great example of a type of architectural design (e.g. Craftsman, Victorian, Mid-Century Modern/Eichler, etc.)
  • Are the work of a master architect (e.g. Greene & Greene, Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra)
  • Affiliated with a historic event or person important to city, state, or national history (e.g. the Rives Mansion)
  • Have played an important role in the development of a neighborhood appreciated for its cultural background (e.g. Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights)
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